Cardio Blast!

For this weeks Workout Wednesday, we’ve upped the intensity. DO NOT try this if you are new to exercise or have joint pain in your knees and/or ankles. Reason being is that we’ve included some jumping exercises (other wise known as Plyometrics) to really get the heart rate up!

We’re going to introduce you to a form of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) known as TABATA training.

For this workout, perform each exercise as a circuit, but for only 20 seconds at a time! Have a 10 second break between exercises and aim for 5 laps.

The whole workout should take 10 minutes in total.


High Knees

Standing on one spot, Lift one knee at a time, as a high as you can in a running motion. Aim for speed and height throughout the 20 seconds!

Squat Jumps

Like a normal body-weight squat, but with a big jump at the top of each repetition. Keep the energy levels high!

Squat thrusts

Stand with your hands and feet on the floor in a straight arm plank position. Jump both knees up to the chest at the same time with your feet landing between your hands (or as close as possible). Try to keep your bum down.

Alternate toe touch and jump

Start stood up straight. Take both hands and reach towards one foot whilst bending your legs in a squat like position. Once you’ve reach your feet, take both hands and reach up above your head, as high as you can by adding in a little jump at the top. Repeat on the other leg.


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Copyright The Fitness Formula 2021