Level 3 Health and Nutrition Diploma Qualification

Discover how you can gain a Premium Level 3 Health and Nutrition Diploma for as little as £45 a month.


These courses are taught over 10 Wednesdays between 6:30pm and 9:00pm at The Fitness Formula personal training studio in Poole, Dorset.

Cost: normally £995.00

Now only £595.00

To get the best for the course, you can pay £595 as a one-off payment. Alternatively, finance is available for as little as £45.00 a month.

If you’re interested in the course and/or want to know more about it, fill in your details and click on the “Submit” button. We will then send you a copy of the Prospectus and an Application Form.

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How We Are Going To Help You Pass This Course

“The whole team at The Fitness Formula are very practical people so it was important to make sure that our Health and Nutrition courses were suitable for practical people as well – the sort who want a hands-on experience which will actually equip them to do the job by the end of the course – not just weeks of theory which doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to real life and what many educational providers offer.

So with this in mind we have engaged a highly qualified tutor, Joel Harfield MSc (Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition) who thinks like us. Together we have worked on it to create something special to achieve those objectives.”

How Does The Course Run?

Joel will be teaching it LIVE online, with opportunities to work together in groups, have discussions, ask questions etc. It WON’T be like many of the sub-standard internet courses, where students never actually get the chance for live interactions with tutor and fellow students.

In addition, there is course work to be completed in between sessions and for this, as well as your weekly live taught session, there will be recorded videos and written lectures to help you complete the assessment booklet.

Nationally Recognised

This is a nationally recognised qualification, validated by the international validating body, Thinktree Hub.

After completing the qualification, you are guaranteed professional insurance so that the day you finish, you can start practising. Professional insurance can be obtained for approximately £50-£60 a year.

What’s Involved

Becoming a health and nutrition advisor may be something you have considered but thought it was out of your reach – or you maybe have thought of escaping from the rat-race of nine-to-five working and setting up a business of your own.

With the huge changes that are happening in our society at the moment, with the obesity epidemic which is causing increasing medical problems in people’s everyday lives, nutritional advice is becoming ever more essential. From being a minority interest only a few years ago, today the demand has increased massively.

So if ever there was a time to retrain and do something different, it is now.

The Fitness Formula

We have always prided ourselves on offering a first class service for discerning clients and we have applied the same standards to this course.

Who Is The Health and Nutrition Diploma For?

Change of career

If you have a passion for health and nutrition and are currently frustrated or looking to change career to a more fulfilling job – working in the health and wellbeing industry is exactly for you. Once qualified you’ll have numerous opportunities to gain full or part-time employment or start up a brand-new business servicing the community with your newly-found skills and knowledge.

Currently in full time or leaving education?

If you’re in full time or just about to leave education, getting qualified as a Health and Nutrition Advisor is a great next step to add to your CV. With high employment rates in the health and wellbeing industry, this is the perfect opportunity to start in an ever-growing sector.

Health and Wellbeing Enthusiasts

Maybe you’ve benefited from nutritional advice yourself and you want to gain more knowledge and information on the subject to either further your own knowledge or help more people. And once qualified you can consider working in the industry as a Nutritional Advisor.

About Your Course Tutor, Joel Harfield MSc (Sport and Exercise Nutrition)

“I was so pleased to be invited to teach this course as I believe nutrition and nutritional advice is probably THE most important aspect of helping people to lead a healthy and active life. Like Dave, I am a very practical person, so I wanted to make sure that the course I teach will provide students with hands-on experience which will actually equip them to do the job by the end of the course – not just weeks of theory which doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to real life.

Together with Dave we have worked on the course to make sure it achieves those objectives.”

FAQs About The Health and Nutrition Course

What qualification do you get at the end of the course?
You get a LEVEL 3 Diploma in Nutrition for Health which is Level 3 NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) equivalent.

Level 3 is a protected UK government standard. Courses which are “Level 3” need to be at the required certified standard. If a course merely says “Nutrition Diploma” (like many of the online courses advertised) then it is usually NOT at the official government NVQ Level 3 standard.

How can I be sure that it is of a high enough level?
Apart from the fact that it is taught by a highly qualified nutritionist and is a government-recognised Level 3 qualification, the course has been validated by Thinktree Hub which is an international validation body. They have ascertained that the course provides a qualification, relevant experience in nutrition and is fit for purpose in the industry.

Thinktree Hub also operates at the heart of the industry with people who are actually working in the industry.

Do I get any support after I gain the qualification?
Yes. Thinktree Hub is also a professional body which provides support and ongoing help for all its members as well as offering more courses in different areas of health and fitness.

You will be eligible to join Thinktree Hub at a reduced rate once you have your qualification.

How can I be sure that I will be able to practise professionally with this qualification?
In order to offer guidance and support with healthy eating, it is best practice to have working insurance. Insurance companies won’t give you insurance if they don’t recognise the course (particularly online courses).

Thinktree Hub works closely with a specialist insurance company, Holistic Insurance so anyone gaining a qualification validated by Thinktree Hub is GUARANTEED working insurance (for a fairly moderate premium – approximately £50-60 a year).

What’s more, if you become a member of Thinktree Hub, you will get it at a reduced rate.

How do I get my certificate after passing the course?
At the end of the course, there will be an Examination Board meeting of the tutor on the course with outside representatives who are there to guarantee that the correct standard has been reached.

When the Board has agreed that you HAVE reached the correct standard, certificates will be issued.

How many hours of extra work will I have to study away from the course?
To a certain extent this naturally depends on the experience and previous knowledge of the student but we estimate four hours a week. To give an example, one student on one of our courses, a lorry-driver who had absolutely no previous educational qualifications or experience, was able to complete the course quite satisfactorily by doing an hour a night’s study.
What are the entry requirements?
To join our health and nutrition course you must be over 16 years old, able to do the work and have good communication skills. There is no upper age limit, mature students are especially welcome. No pre-qualifications are necessary.
What is the investment?
The cost of the course is £595.00, which will include all your registration and tuition. Payment plans are available where you can spread the investment to make it more affordable.

What some of our students had to say

Check out what some people have said about us and our programmes below:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the nutrition course. Joel is highly knowledgeable and incredibly generous in sharing his expertise. The 10 weeks is loaded with information and I’ve come away with a comprehensive understanding of nutrition for health.

The sessions were taught at a comfortable pace and were lots of fun.”


“I found the course really useful. It was the right balance  of information and practical activities and by the end, I felt fully prepared to give informed nutritional advice. It was also so useful for me personally and the way I eat.

The tutor certainly knew his stuff and taught it in a lively way so that I was never bored. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in nutrition.”


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So What Do I Do Now?

If you’re interested in the course and/or want to know more about it, fill in your details below and click on the “Submit” button. We will then send you a copy of the Prospectus and an Application Form.

Alternatively, you could phone 07792 558850.

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Copyright The Fitness Formula 2023