Never Miss A Monday

Yesterday, I did a Facebook Live video underlining the importance of getting your week off to a flying start by NEVER MISSING A MONDAY!

This is by far one of my BEST health tips I have for you and has proven to work wonders for me and my clients over the years.

As most of you will agree, exercise and dieting tend to go hand in hand. I for one, am the first to admit that when my exercise goes out of the window, as does my diet. In fact, I find that when I don’t exercise for any unknown reason (like being poorly or injured), instead of being more focused on what i’m consuming (due to the fact that I can’t burn it off like I usually would), I actually tend to sulk and think … STUFF IT! I might as well have that takeaway or giant Galaxy chocolate bar!

Why do we do this?!…. I don’t have the answers I’m afraid.

But, I can tell you now that the impact of doing even the smallest bit of exercise on a Monday can be extremely beneficial for your mindset and for keeping you motivated throughout the rest of the week!

You don’t have to go and join a gym.

Just get up and get moving.

Go for a walk. Do some crunches and press ups at home…

Whatever it is, just make sure you do it on a Monday!


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Copyright The Fitness Formula 2021