Planning Power!

Today’s help tip is something that we should all be following in our lives. The power of setting and sticking to our goals.

This doesn’t just have to be health and fitness related, this can be to do in all aspects of your life:

– A nice holiday
– More time with the family
– To be happier in the work place.
– And more!

One thing that massively helps with goal setting is to use the SMART approach. Make sure that any goal you set yourself (and if you don’t have any goals currently, then it’s certainly time to set some), follows this system. I’m going to use an example of a new client who might’ve just joined us for a daughters wedding in July, and wants to shift a couple of stone…


As simple as it sounds… Think of something clear that you would really love to achieve. For example; 2 stone in weight loss.


How will we measure this clients progress? Well, we will get her on the scales once a month as well her doing her other measurements, like fat and inch loss. Seeing the progress, will only spur you on more!


If your overall goal is bigger than this, for example; you needed to lose 7 stone for an operation, we would encourage you to set a short term goal first. This could be to lose 1 stone in the first 4-6 weeks. This way, the overall goal doesn’t feel too unrealistic, which would ultimately lead to someone most likely, giving up.


Be true to yourself. Don’t set a goal that just isn’t possible in the time frame that you have allowed yourself. You will just end up deflated and again, more likely to quit altogether.


Similar to above, ensure that you’ve set a target of when you would expect to achieve that goal by. Give yourself time and be patient. Results don’t come overnight.

I really hope this helps. To me, there is nothing more valuable to someone’s success than picturing where they want to be.

Have a clear vision in your head and go out there and get it!


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Copyright The Fitness Formula 2021