Level 3 Personal Training Qualification

Discover how you can gain a Level 3 Personal Training Qualification through The Fitness Formula in Poole, Dorset.


Nationally Recognised

This is a nationally recognised qualification, validated by the international validating body, Thinktree Hub.

The Fitness Formula is the leading personal training organisation in Poole, Dorset. We train up to 200 clients a month and currently employ 5 personal trainers. You will be learning from highly qualified professionals in a real-world environment.

Included in the price is your first year’s professional insurance so that the day you pass and get your certificate you can start practising.

A Worthwhile Career

Becoming a personal trainer is something that qualifies you for a very worthwhile career. It is very different from a “gym instructor” where you are merely on hand, often in a busy gym where you are required to do little more than show people how to use the machines.

Personal training couldn’t be more different. You have a client who you see on a weekly (or more) basis and you design programmes for them to fit precisely into what they need and what they want to achieve. At the same time, you get to know them, you develop a rapport and more often than not, they become like friends.

This not only makes the job endlessly fascinating but it also develops you as a person.

With people these days becoming more and more aware of the need to improve their health and fitness, personal training is an expanding employer market.

Who Is The Personal Trainer Certification For

Change of career

If you have a passion for health and fitness and are currently frustrated or looking to change career to a more fulfilling job – working in the fitness industry is exactly for you. Once qualified you’ll have numerous opportunities to gain full or part time employment or start up a brand new business servicing the community with your newly found skills and knowledge.

Currently in full time or leaving education

If you’re in full time or just about to leave education, getting qualified as a Personal Trainer is a great next step to add to your CV, with high employment rates in the fitness industry this is the perfect opportunity to start in an ever growing industry.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Maybe you’ve seen great results with your own fitness and nutrition and you want to gain more knowledge and information on the subject to either further your own knowledge or help more people. And once qualified will consider working in the industry as a Personal Trainer or online coach.

About your course creator

“As a very practical person, I wanted to make sure that our personal trainer courses were suitable for practical people – people who want hands-on experience which will actually equip them to do the job by the end of the course – not just weeks of theory which doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to real life and what many educational providers offer.

So with this in mind I have worked on it and created something special to achieve those objectives.”

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